Scott Sauyet

168 Boston Hill Road
Andover, CT 06232

Phone:(860) 742-9800

Advanced software designer/developer in Java and Web technologies.

OBJECTIVE I'm looking for a challenging position using my programming abilities, especially one using and further developing my Web and Java skills.

TARGET JOB Target Job Title: Software Engineer
Alternate Target Job Title: Senior Systems Analyst
Desired Job Type: Employee
Desired Status: Full-Time
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my perfect job:
In the ideal programming job, developers would be able to focus on challenging technical problems, determining creative and elegant solutions using the most appropriate technologies, without needing to even *understand* office politics.
Career Level Mid Career (5+ years of experience)
Date of Availability: From 1 to 3 months

TARGET COMPANY Company Size: No Preference
Category: Computers, Software
Description of my ideal company:
I prefer a company that focuses on performance instead of process, that rewards creativity and innovation, a company in which just getting the job done is not enough.

And I would love to work for a company whose mission includes in some way making the world a better place.

US-CT-Hartford US-CT-New Haven US-CT-Southeast/New London

WORK STATUS US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

EXPERIENCE 3/1998 - Present DST Output South Windsor, Connecticut
Senior Systems Analyst
* Leader of a team of three building an XML-flat file conversion system. Used an XML file mappping the fields of a COBOL copybook to fields in an XML Schema, a Swing GUI to create those parts of the mapping which cannot be automatically generated or which the user wants to override, and conversion routines using this mapping to convert XML documents to and from COBOL-style flat files. Written entirely in Java using both SAX and DOM XML processing.

* Technical leader of team of ten on a project to provide a web front end to a DB2 database-driven batch system. Used Java, HTML, JSP, Ant, JUnit, XML, JavaScript, and a proprietary Struts-like system. Developed on Tomcat for a WebLogic deployment.

* Technical leader of team of six on a project to bridge two older COBOL systems using Java and XML. Used Ant and numerous standard Design Patterns. Maintained project and user documentation in HTML, coordinated the efforts of five developers and a business analyst, provided program frameworks and code samples, integrated contributors' code.

* Technical leader of team of seven for multi-system upgrade, using COBOL, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, and numerous tools.

* Built Content Management / rules gathering system using Java servlets, applets, and HTML. Used Ant and JUnit and UML tools.

* Co-designed and built Java data collection front-end to DB2 database, using Java Applets, Java Beans, servlets, JSP, JDBC, and HTML.

* Designed and wrote COBOL data handling subsystem of customer brokerage statement application as well as several Access interfaces to the system.

* Enhanced, maintained, and documented selective messaging system written in Microfocus COBOL and Microsoft Access. Created and presented training course in this product using Microsoft PowerPoint, demonstrations, and lectures.

EDUCATION 5/1998 Wesleyan University US-Connecticut-Middletown
Master's Degree
MA in Mathematics
Major field of study: Combinatorics

5/1989 Wesleyan University US-Connecticut-Middletown
Bachelor's Degree
BA in Mathematics, minor in Religion
3.5 GPA overall, 4.0 in Math

SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
Java Expert Currently used 4 years
XML Intermediate Currently used 3 years
Swing Intermediate Currently used 4 years
Ant Intermediate Currently used 2 years
JUnit Beginner Currently used 1 years
COBOL Expert Currently used 5 years
Microfocus Expert Currently used 5 years
SQL Intermediate Currently used 3 years
DB2 Beginner Currently used 2 years
HTML Expert Currently used 5 years
CSS Expert Currently used 3 years
JSP Intermediate Currently used 3 years
JavaScript Intermediate Currently used 3 years
PHP Intermediate Currently used 2 years
Python Beginner 1 year ago 1 years
Pascal Intermediate +4 years ago 2 years
VB / VBA Beginner 2 years ago 3 years
Rexx Intermediate 3 years ago 1 years
C / C++ Beginner 2 years ago 1 years
JCL Beginner Currently used 4 years
Paint Shop Pro Intermediate Currently used 4 years